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“You must realize that your own sins, no matter how big, are not bigger than God's pleasure in forgiveness”

- Ed Welch -

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Pandemic Crisis Counseling

With the current state of our nation, many people are facing mental struggles that have been heightened with these unprecedented times. COVID-19, social unrest, isolation, economic instability and quarantine are just a few of the problems on a long list of other struggles that many are battling. Fletchers Counseling is here to offer resources and tools that will help individuals navigate through their day-to-day lives within this new normal we are all facing.

We understand that the struggle is real right now. Many are emotionally drained, tired, scared and even desensitized. We want to be that pillar of support that will provide creative ways of pouring back into your life. Whether it’s helping quell your fears of being sheltered in, isolated, surviving a pandemic, the unknown or just even going out; Fletchers Counseling is here to provide all of the necessary tools & resources to make your journey easier to navigate.


Spiritual Mentoring

This time can help Individuals seeking a counselor/mentor who can assist them in discipleship, spiritual growth and development in God.

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